Mode handbags Spring 2011: clutches

StyleSpeaking of clutches, that handbags is that a time does not give ground. Moreover, a couple of seasons ago, however we remember, in vogue large clutches. In a spring of 2010, you offered us a variety of finishes and decor. The main materials are plastic, leather, silk and suede.They may be fluffy and with a short fringe, like Giambattista Valli and Fendi.In a vogue includes the as-called «wristlet» and «baguette». Handbags «wristlet» are little bags that request to be worn on a wrist. In the new season, you will be made of suede and skin.In addition, a pop will as well use and diversity of clutches, handbags which are a small bit more on a long while strap or chain. Читать полностью -->

Skin jacket women's mode Spring 2013

StyleAs well remain popular and skin jackets. Preference is given to short jacket (up to the waist and above). As for a color, It is possible to pick either to a taste, from sable to bright colors. And the purple is yet in vogue.In a mode plaid jacket. A jacket possess to be A fitted and short.  Resembling articles:Mode Job Fashion Summer 2013Vogue Spring Mode: JewelryMode Autumn Fashion: Style prints (colors). . Читать полностью -->


StyleA hottest trend this source, as has along been said - a facial skin. However, the pop denim and velvet, which is more appropriate for chic models. With a approach of heartwarming, practically summer times get topical flowing lightness fabrics - satiny, lace and chiffon.   Alike posts:Mode Summer clothes that covers a completeMode Key vogue trends of the autumnVogue Cap with big visor. . . . Читать полностью -->


StyleFavorites of the period - long evening dresses, straight or narrowed great skirt. Variant - shift clothing with a wide belt length to a knee.So for the super mini - this length a source of 2013 is less relevant, but still acceptable. Be careful to not be accused of lack of taste, pick a poor-key super mini cut. But the blossom itself may not be limited to: a brightest shades are permissible.Just a any mode trends:Clothing to a floor, covering a chest and shoulders, but how opening the back, with a fluffy skirt;One of a serious elements of a decor - embroidery, in a especial favor - floral models, embroidered by hand;One of a surprises of the period - clothes, crinolines, they again come into style, allowing you to feel similar a queen;Very relevant in the source evening clothes, puts the accent on a chest and waist: all kinds of style bustiers, corsets and hard-fitting tops;Yet relevant asymmetry: it concerns a cuts, cut-outs and hem line;At a peak of relevance - transparent fabrics and substances: mesh, lace, woven and woolen fabric.   Similar articles:Fashion Style Jewelry Fall-Winter 2012/2012Style Autumn collection of hatsMode Autumn Style: insulated shoes. . . Читать полностью -->

Fashion knitted scarves winter 2011-2012

VogueGrandma's knittingHot and long woolen scarves It is possible to safely buy for the cold. Mandatory condition - the presence of a long fringe. Actual colors - pearl gray, chocolate dark-brown, darkness blue, milky white.That included is a knitted cap with flap. How an variant - apply a scarf at the same time as a headdress.GrayAll shades of gray are rampant on the runways. Pick out the one you same and buy your own personal gray scarf: blue-gray or gray-dark-brown, gray-white or colored gray.Most of the gray scarves - plain, but there are models, so properly however the cell.A bright notePink, yellow, blue, scarlet, fuchsia - fashionable colors for those who are looking for this winter, bright accents. Fashionable design - a cell and strip, small and large. Читать полностью -->

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