Strips and other prints

VogueAmong a mode trends regarding source stockings should be noted stripes. Latest striped prints a variety of fashion, including - quite a bold diamond-shaped strip of "Harlequin". Choosing a variety of bands, consider the anatomy of the feet! For example, vertically oriented thin stripes visually create the legs more slender and great, and the cross pattern on a other mitt - look fat, so it is recommended to select those who require to hide excessive thinness.Strips, placed obliquely, may visually spoil the anatomy of a feet, how that this figure can alone afford a lady with impeccable forms.More interesting new trend - tights or leggings faithfully replicate the bloom or prints a dress or costume. If such an accessory is a organic and organic extension of wear. And if you take tights with a series of "chameleon", that will be able to divert striving away from the foot, turning it into a costume.  Similar articles:Fashion Summer legsVogue Sew a summer suit for a slim and full figuresFashion Style Jewelry Source 2013 time.

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